Work with an Experienced Realtor

As an experienced interior designer for the past 20 years, Dawn Bloemers understands homes and their potential.  Her experience, education and passion for all things related to shelter and lifestyle led Dawn to expand her career to the real estate industry.  She brings a unique skill set and a fresh approach to the home buying and selling process. 

Dawn’s expertise with numerous design projects ranging from new construction to renovation to implementing coordinated custom furnishings for residential clients allows her to blend how people live and use space with their individual housing needs and lifestyle.  Hard work comes naturally to Dawn.  Her high standards are coupled with impeccable attention to details which are sure to lead to the best possible out come in every real estate transaction.    

Buying and selling homes is a uniquely collaborative process that is exciting and emotional.  Dawn approaches every potential client as an opportunity to develop a dialog evaluating their specific criteria and budget that will eventually lead to the perfect housing “fit” for their modern day living. She feels privileged to be trusted in helping clients navigate their real estate journey.  Creative and active by nature, Dawn Bloemers will work tirelessly to buy or sell a house for every client while seamlessly making it a home in the process.

Dawn Bloemers Has A Passion For Homes - Selling, Buying, Renovating, Decorating



Expect top-notch education, professionalism and accessibility to whatever questions you may have along the way.  I will take time to educate you on the real estate process so you are confident in your actions.


I can use my design expertise in helping you see the true potential in every property.  I can help you visualize the end product..


I have a keen eye for neighborhoods and homes.  As we all know regardless if you stay in your home for weeks or years, your home is an investment.


I’ll walk you through the process every step of the way. I will negotiate strongly and with care to achieve the best possible outcome for your transaction.


When you are ready to sell I can help stage and style your home to most effectively entice buyers with a vision.


I have my finger on the pulse of all things real estate. With my knowledge of the average days on the market and the comparables for your desired or existing neighborhood I can help you navigate today's challenging and ever changing real estate market.


My experience with home renovations and knack for finding the right opportunity coupled with 20+ years in the interior design and construction industry will help you select the right home to renovate.



Are you ready to buy?  Timing and financing are key to buying a home in today's market.  Be prepared to move when a desirable home comes on the market.


Work with a local mortgage broker early in the process so you are ready to make an offer to purchase when the opportunity arises.  In this multiple offer market being pre-qualified is a must.


Pre-qualification will help to determine your budget narrowing down the number of appropriate properties. I look for opportunities to optimize our time together and focus on homes that fit your budget.


Take time driving around the neighborhoods within your desired location. Get to know the schools assigned to those neighborhoods as well as the local services. 


Learn About Comparables

Your listing price is key to a quick and successful sale.  I will be prepared with your neighborhood comparables to review with you. Together we will price your home appropriately. 

Know Your Bottom Line

Many sales are the result of negotiations, and I will always do everything in my power to achieve the most for your property. It is important to know your bottom line.

MAKE Necessary Investments

If you are aware of breaks, leaks and/or cosmetic damages to your home it is often less costly to fix them before listing the property.  These improvements will make the home show better resulting in fewer items flagged during the home inspection process creating less bargaining chips for the potential buyer. 

Stage adequately

This is where I can help you immensely.  I am also an experienced interior designer and know how to properly set up your home so it is asthetically pleasing to potential buyers. 


Begin the process now for searching or selling your home today.

I am here to assist you and look forward to hearing from you!